Aluminium Alloys

The main product of the Company is the secondary aluminium alloys in ingots.

The chemical specifications of the principal manufactured alloys are available here.

Standard parameters of ingots:

  • Length – 55 cm
  • Height – 5 cm
  • Width – 7,5 cm
  • Average weight – 5 kg


  • Ingots are packaged in packs (bundles) with steel or plastic band.

Standard dimensions of one bundle:

  • Height – to 80 cm
  • Width and breadth – to 55 cm
  • Weight – to 500 mg

We form two types of bundles:

  • Standard, with a „window” for the forks of the fork-lift
  • With «feet» - with an aperture for lift truck forks below the bundle (made by prior arrangement with the client)

To ensure convenient transportation and warehousing, we make double bundles (two bundles of the same height are bound together) with the total weight up to 1000 kg.

We try to produce packs of the same height for convenient stacking.

On customer request we can wrap bundles in polyethylene film.


Each of our ingots bears "Dilers Aluminium" logo, which ensures that our products can be clearly identified.

Each bundle bears marking with the following information:

  • name of alloy (standard No.),
  • bundle No.,
  • group No. (melt No.),
  • bundle weight

On customer’s request we provide additional colour marking of the bundles.


We deliver our products by road vehicles. The standard volume of one delivery is 24,000 kg. Each batch of the products consists of 2 groups of ingots (melts). A “mushroom” sample is attached to each individual group (melt) for a quick testing upon the receipt of the product. An analogous sample of the dispatched product is kept at our laboratory.

Chemical analysis of every melt as well as dimensions and weight of every bundle are specified in the Quality Certificate/Packaging List enclosed with the cargo. All accompanying documents are prepared in accordance with the requirements established in standard EN 10204 3.1.